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Katrina and Kevin- May 17, 2014

Kevin and Katrina were married one month ago today, on a beautiful spring afternoon in Kingston.
Remember Katrina’s peony bouquet?
peony and tulip bouquet 700px

The new Mrs. was good enough to send along some of her professional photos by Life Through Exposure PhotographyYou can see more gorgeous photos of Kevin and Katrina’s wedding, as well as other smiling brides and grooms from around Ontario, on LTE’s Facebook photostream, and their main site with contact info is here .

katrina and kevin bw

katrina bouquet colour

katrina bw

Congratulations and many wonderful years together to Kevin and Katrina- thanks for letting us take part in your wedding day!


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This duck is a-PADDLIN’!

What’s that expression? We see the duck floating on the water and don’t see his feet paddling like crazy underneath?

Well. Quack-quack, duckies.   We’ve gone from a slow, late spring to full on Mother’s Day and wedding season overdrive…overnight. 

I tried to put away dirty dishes from the dishwasher this morning.

My house is crying, it’s so neglected.

Nature of the beast.

Some photos of what’s been keeping me away (and busy. And smiling. I do love this time of year, and I’m one of those fortunate souls who loves my work.)








Catch up soon?

PS. I’m supposed to be florist AND guest at this weekend’s wedding. Now taking bets for whether I make it to setup AND manage to show up on time wearing something halfway decent. Last one to the bar is a zzzzzzzzzzz……

PPS.saw everyone on Centennial stop, both lanes,to let a mother duck and string of ducklings cross the road. Nothing like seeing a bunch of ducklings pile up while they try to hop a curb. Watch out for fuzzy small things! And turtle season is coming up soon. 

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Mother’s Day Giveaway winner!

Congratulations to our giveaway draw winner Anna Gooderham! 

Thank you to all who entered our contest, and to all of the mothers in our lives. 

Take a look at what your kids, spouses, and friends have to say about you:


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Thursday Fleursday- (Good) Moody Blues

Happy +10 degrees to all!

The cardinals and robins are going nutso in my backyard.  Now that the snow is melting, I can see chaos everywhere (busted my wrist just in time for fall cleanup last year), but I’m so relieved to see green shoots and critters that I can’t even stay mad. *

I had a great shipment of agapanthus and lisianthus this week, and some blue eringyum- thought it would be a good day to do some blue flower show and tell.

Blue is popular, especially with brides, but it can be tricky to find seasonal blooms that are really blue. (I’m working to expand my knowledge and repertoire obvs- leave me a comment if you know a good blue fleur that I’ve missed!)


Cut agapanthus is usually an import- they are available from Mexico and South America Nov-June.  I was introduced to agapanthus by my Auntie B on a visit to Kew Garden- it will always remind me of that trip.


Eryngium, or sea holly, or ‘those blue thistley things’ is a great, long-lasting filler.  The little leaves and calyxes can go yellow after a while- pull them off and keep on enjoying the blue centres.  As far as I know,eryngium is available year-round as an imported cut flower. I love them for their colour and spikey texture (If you mention your bouquet is going to someone from Scotland, and I can get my hands on this, guess what happens?)

Delphinium is available in the summer as a local cut, and most of the year as an import (it’s biggest and best in season)  It is available in a range of colours from white to pink to purple to BLUE.  I love the tall, spike shape, and the irridescent colouring and little spurs on the individual blooms.  It shows well and lasts a long time in the vase, and you can also get away with it in corsages and crowns.  Check out the difference between the import stems from February and the local stuff I was able to use last June- they’re in the same sized vase:






At the other end of the shape-spectrum are fat, poofy hydrangeas- I use these for mass. It can be tough to visually balance other, smaller flowers with them in the vase- they are definitely showstoppers. Hydrangea is another flower available locally in the summer and as an import pretty much year-round.

Did you know- certain varieties of hydrangea will only bloom green or white, but other varieties range in colour from white, pink, purple, or blue, depending on the PH of the soil?




And we’re heading into straight up purple territory with these lisianthus, but I couldn’t not show you how HUGE AND AWESOME
they are right now! Also, they are available in a much darker, almost bluish purple. I believe we are at peak season- these babies were grown at Slaman’s greenhouses in Burford, Ontario.  http://slamans.ca/index.php?cID=68


Hope this helps you to better know a flower, and that you get to enjoy the double-digit temperatures and some sunshine this weekend.

Happy Thursday!

* There is ONE critter I can stay mad at.  He says ‘happy Thursday, chumps!’  Siiiigh.

destruction 700px

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Great News, Everyone! – MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!

I am so excited I don’t have to keep this a secret anymore! 

After months of preparation, commercial real estate-ing, permits, dances with zoning bylaws, and of course PAINTING, I am thrilled to be able to open the doors to a place very dear to my heart, that I hope will become special to you, too:

The Sage Flowers &Kitty and Me Yoga Studio!


Please come by for Cat Salutations and the bounty of spring flowers at our grand opening, and do bring your feline friend!

Thanks to Steven, my parents and family, my supportive clients, and of course, MR. BINGLEY for helping me make my lifelong dream come true! NAMASTE!



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Brain Freeze

I thought this bunch of purple and blue spring cuts might cure the winter blues. Hair of the dog and all that.


I don’t know about the rest of you, but this February just sapped my initiative and left me with zombie brain.

All quiet on the blog, as you may have noticed.

I’ve been consulting on fun and romantic weddings, and bringing as many spring flowers to customers as possible, but I’ve let the old blog stall, and frankly I’m not sure how to start it up again.

So, in the ultimate mix of listening to my audience/ passing the buck, I thought I would ask what YOU would like to see!

Want to  “name that flower”?
Want to hear about wedding and floral trends in southeast Ontario and beyond?
Flower puns?
Just some photos of the cat being a jerk?


Ask and ye shall receive!

For now: a sneak peek at a Dutch wedding centerpiece for a wedding in May. Stick with me now, there’s a  pun for you at the end.


I’ll have a fun announcement for you next Thurs.  It involves flowers, moms, and do-goodery!
Just getting a few details sorted out…

waiting for the other shoe to drop, haha.

Happy Thursday!

*re the cat: just want to reassure my customers (especially those with allergies!) that he is not allowed in the studio or near the fleurs.  He is 100% determined to sneak into the spare room, where I take most of my photos. I usually take a snap of him doing so, because I am 95% crazy cat lady at this point. But do rest assured he is not chewing on your wedding bouquet or getting hair all over the cellophane on your mom’s birthday flowers!


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Holiday Pop Up Shop

December 19 to 24  9 to 6 weekdays  10 to 3 weekends and Christmas Eve  at the beautiful  Lakeshore School  2312 Princess St. (Between the CAA and RONA )

Pick up your order or shop our beautiful selection of bouquets, centerpieces, floral arrangements, and plants.

There will be eggnog and coffee and cookies!*

Come have a nibble, take a peek at the historic Pleasant View building, and let us wrap up some holiday flowers for your table.


*Florist may devour all eggnog, coffee and cookies before you arrive.

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