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Mother’s Day Pop-up Shop

image courtesy Sierra Selections

image courtesy Sierra Selections

Sharpen your pencils and get out your phones: Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12.

If this means you will be on the market for flowers or plants, please stop by the Sage Flowers pop up shop at 2312 Princess Street in the west end.

Lakeshore School has generously offered me a temporary space on Saturday May 11 and Sunday May 12 from 9:00 am -6:00 pm.*

You can pick up your order**, or choose a fresh flower arrangement or dish garden. If you have a few minutes to spare, I can wrap up a custom bouquet for you on the spot.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it out; we’re still offering our friendly delivery service.

I’ve got Ontario forsythia, delphinium and snapdragons on the way, and I CANNOT WAIT to unpack my pincushion protea from Resendiz Brothers Farms in sunny California.

image courtesy Sierra Selections

image courtesy Sierra Selections

Come say hello, take a peek at this beautiful historical building, and bank your good-kid points for the year.

There will be non-stop coffee, and I’ll sweet talk someone into bringing us cookies and cake.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks. Happy Tuesday!

*Friday evening pickups available by appointment- call 613-545-9229 or email info@sageflowers.ca
** Lakeshore School is only providing the space- contact me to discuss your flowers!


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A little something-something

I was finishing up an order of small hand-tied bouquets for a corporate client* when I realised one of her bouquets was going to the hospital, where they do not allow flowers without a container.

One tiny upcycled blue vase and two crazy-bright orange gerberas to the rescue!


The dark-green bit of vine is grape ivy, my new favourite go-to foliage.

Bud vases usually bore me. This one made me take pictures. And possibly make squealy noises and talk to myself.

This working from home thing, I tell ya. I should just go out and buy eighteen cats and a set of old-school hair curlers and get it over with.

But, on the plus side- bright blue and orange!

Happy Tuesday.

*the lovely, always smiling, BILINGUAL mortgage broker, Raquel Welch, of Mortage Professionals East Side, should you require help with that sort of a thing.

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On gardeny roses and pseudo-science…

Thanks again to everyone who retweeted, facebook shared, blog-commented and otherwise spread the word for my giveaway contest last week. Thought it would be a fun way to jump start my sorely-neglected social media life.

I had the pleasure of delivering this hand-tied beauty to Erin last (cold, grey) Tuesday: California myrtle, Ecuadorian Miracle roses, Ontario tulip, iris, alstroemeria, grape ivy, and chrysanthemum.


Not gonna lie, folks, the giveaway was at high risk of becoming a keepformyself.

Customers at the flower shop where I used to work usually wanted their roses as bud-like as possible, their tulips only just beginning to show colour. I haven’t worked with flowers in enough places to know if this is strictly an Ontario/North American preference. Some European customers would tell me that back home, flowers were a more common part of everyday life, and open blooms were more desirable.

As a customer, I could see shopping for something not-quite-ripe, hoping for a longer vase life. (Although let me just get on my soapbox here and say that a tight, bullet-shaped rose a. is not so pretty b. may not open or last any longer than any other rose and c. OH MY GOD OPEN BLOWSY GARDENY ROSES OH MY GOD I WANT THEM ALL!)


Aaand I’m done. For now.

I kept a few of those orange roses and hot pink tulips for myself, and they held their lovely, open shapes for a whole extra week. I had to face facts and put the tulips in the compost this morning, but the roses are still going strong.

PS. I test drive a new variety of rose every few weeks, and I keep slightly-scientific track of leftover flowers, so that I can figure out how the blooms change and develop over time, and how long different flowers tend to last in the vase.

PPS. Stay tuned for more not-terribly-scientific SCIENCE!

Happy Tuesday xo

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Flower giveaway!

Mondays are terrible.
Flowers are awesome.
Make this Monday less terrible and more awesome by winning a free bouquet from Sage Flowers!

Here’s how:
1.If you (or your lucky recipient) will be in Kingston West or the downtown area this Tuesday morning,
2.leave a comment here on the blog or on the facebook page
3.and I will draw a random winner for free bouquet giveaway and delivery!*

Rules, rules, Rules:
*Tuesday March 19th a.m. delivery
*Delivery to K7M, K7P, and K7L/K7K postal codes south of the 401 and east of the Lasalle Causeway only, folks. I love all y’all, but I am not driving to Ompah for free.
*Recipient must be available to accept the flowers sometime between 9 am and 1pm on Tuesday.

Feeling lucky?


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Love Hurts (aka Valentine’s Pricing)

Question: Jen, what is with your Valentine’s prices? Are you price-gouging?

Sassy Answer:    Look at my car, friend.


Actual Answer:

‘Tis the season.  As demand for flowers  peaks, the growers and wholesalers raise their price. For some flowers, especially roses and blooms in red/white/pink, my wholesale price is doubled beginning Feb. 5th.  

Much as I love you all, I have to increase my retail prices if I want to buy groceries.  

For my dashing, romantic customers who want to send classic Valentine’s Day roses, I will arrange those precious blooms with care and make you look good

If you don’t care for roses, I have stunning white calla lilies on the way, and bold red amaryllis blooms just starting to open.  Most of my customers choose a seasonal hand-tied bouquet or vase arrangement full of mixed colours.  Ontario freesia, tulips,and iris are gorgeous right now!

All flowers are Ontario-grown or imported from sustainable growers. Each bouquet and bunch is arranged with love, wrapped in biodegradable packaging, and delivered with a smile. 

Pricing and order info are over at http://www.sageflowers.ca

Happy Valentino, sweethearts! Thank you for letting me add some romance to your February!

Your florist and wingman,


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