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Sage Flowers’ new online shop

I have finally joined the 2000s- my online shop is live and open for business

(You can also get there via the link at the top of this page, at http://sage-flowers.myshopify.com or from the main site at http://sageflowers.ca)
facebook announcement

The shop uses ecommerce software by Shopify and credit card processing by Chase Paymentech, so you can be confident that your information is being transferred securely.
blog announce banner2

I’ve got to take care of some wedding and community theatre business for the rest of September, so stay tuned for grand opening hoopla in October.
For now, the first 50 customers receive $5.00 off a hand-tied bouquet with the discount code EarlyBird.

hand tied banner blog copy

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback about the site.
Can’t wait to help you out with all your 2am, flannel-zebra-jammy flower shopping needs.

Happy Tuesday!

PS. I may have joined this century, but my heart is still in the 90s.


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Fall in love

Screw Valentine’s, so far this September is all romance all the time.

Nothing but weddings and anniversaries, friends.  I love it!

I had the pleasure of sending out some surprises for anniversaries this week:



And September 7 was the wedding of Richelle and Matt. They chose the gorgeous Renaissance venue on Queen street for their purple and gold, calla lily and peacock themed wedding.
Of course I only got photos of the boutonnieres and corsages before my camera ran out of batteries. I have a few more on the way from an emergency borrowed camera, and I’m online-stalking their photographer as we speak. I’ll let you know when I get my hands on photos!

Congratulations and many happy years to the newlyweds!

And in non-flower love news, I’m just smitten with my new kitten.

His name is Mr. Bingley, and he loves trying to bite the buttons off your clothes. When we picked him up at the shelter, they said black kittens are usually the last ones to be adopted.  😦 Glad we could give a crazy little animal a good home.  I promise not to let him eat your flowers.  And he promises to keep on trying.

Happy Thursday!
PS big big thanks to everyone at The Kingston Humane Society for what they do. Everyone there is helpful, knowledgeable, and so dedicated to finding a great home for the shelter animals. Adopt your very own jackass button-chewing cat today!


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Coffee. Boxwine. Nutella. Repeat.

Hitting the vices fairly hard as I get ready for my beautiful little sister’s wedding on the 19th. You know how everyone on earth says not to eat based on emotions, or use booze to calm yourself down? Yeah, about that…..

Sage Flowers will be closed for the wedding July 7-24. I will reopen to take orders and calls on Thursday July 25, and be fully re-stocked and ready to deliver flowers on Friday, July 26. Don’t worry, I’ll post a list of great alternate florists to keep you in flowers while I’m away.

In flower news, plenty of milestones and new chapters on the order sheets this month:

The biggest bouquet I have ever made:
The customers later put it into their own giant, two-foot-diamaeter vase- the RONA bucket was the biggest thing I had to arrange in. This was for an annual Downton Abbey food and croquet party. I have to scam an invite for next year, they sent me photos and it looked like an absolute blast!

Hot pink gerberas to say thank you and goodbye to coworkers (the person doing the moving did the sending this time, which is cool and unusual):
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The MO was bright bright bright flowers that could tough it out in a vase at the mall.

More proms! More grads! A few promotions!

A retirement orchid…. I loved this lemon yellow colour.

And last but not least, one of my September brides moved house and sold me her dishwasher- his name is the Admiral, and he is the love of my life. I can’t promise you there won’t be selfies of me making out with it at some point in the future. Possibly while rockin’ the boxwine.

Happy short week, eh? Hope all my fellow Canadians had a wonderful Canada day weekend.

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Thunderstruck! (weekend wedding report)

work in progress

Lilies are scary, the stuff of rookie nightmares:
They stain. They change shape and size throughout the day. They crush if you look at them the wrong way.
They are sooooo lovely, though. I never used to care for orange lilies, but that intense colour is growing on me. (Diffuse, rainy day light makes everything paler here than in reality)

Must must must tuck them away towards the centre of the bouquet next time, to better protect those fragile petals.


Lessons learned courtesy Brenda and Mike, who got hitched this Saturday.

I kept my eyes on the skies after delivering their order- fortunately, the sun stayed out just past their ceremony time. Then, the giant apocalyptic storm clouds rolled in to town. Hopefully everyone had time for photos before the monsoon-style rains, crashes and bangs.
Such weather dramarama! Suited the tropical-punch theme, it was steamy like a rainforest here in good old K town. A mutual friend did tell me they all said this wedding would be epic…

Ontario-grown Asiatic lilies, freesia, callas, delphinium, and alstroemeria rounded out with Ecuadorian roses, Colombian hypericum, and California greens. I fell in love with Brenda’s peach/coral/aqua/orange/white colour scheme the second she emailed me about her wedding. We planned this all by email and a couple phone calls, by the way- if you can’t meet in person, we can still get beautiful things done!

bridesmaid 2

wrist corsage

flower girl basket 2

I know a few rockstar, still-madly-in-love couples whose wedding days featured thunder and lightning and downpours. Bit of a nailbiter if you’re trying not to get rain on a giant white dress, but maybe a little stormy weather is lucky for love.

You’ll have to come up with your own metaphors here, my dears, I am WIPED.
Coffee time. Again.
Congratulations and many happy years to Brenda and Mike.
xo Happy Monday.

PS. Stuck in your head in 3….2….1…

You’re welcome.

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Cherry Blossoms and Cat Hair

Digging out the house and studio after Hurricane Mother’s Day. Not sure if I’ve shifted more leaves/stems/compost or cat hair by volume.

Thanks to everyone who helped, ordered, and stopped by; I had a tremendous weekend! My dogs were barkin’, but I sold a lot of gorgeous flowers and plants, made a lot of moms happy, and learned a lot. You can’t slap the grin off my face!

I’ll leave you for today with a couple shots of the week… and of course, the kitty.

Here is a snap of my Sunday at about 3 hours to quittin’ time:

And here is where all the magic doesn’t happen… is that a flower shop in my car? Nope, I’m just happy to see you.
FACT: if you need to cram everything you own into a super-not-sexy vehicle, the 2006 Ford Focus will do the trick. Remind me to tell you about the time we packed all our earthly goods into that thing and drove to California for the year.

The cherry and apple blossoms are out in Kingston- I’ve been clipping and using (and sniffing, as allergies permit) with absolute JOY.


And the last of my pincushion leucospermum went into a birthday centrepiece for a special recipient on Tues. (NOT protea! I have been spreading floral misinformation around the town.) Plant ID troubles aside, this may be my favourite thing I have ever made to date:


Mr. Whiskers would like you to know that she has finally killed the evil piece of window screen (yes, she has toys. She prefers the piece of window screen.)


And also, she helped with all the bows.
I will have some much-more-skillfully-taken photos for all y’all once I receive emails and USB keys from various Mother’s Day helpers and photographers. I also did a studio/product shoot with Mr. David Slack on Tues, which I am quite excited to show you! Have a lovely week!

Yours Sincerely,
The Cherry Blossom Thief

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Momma Oooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooooooh*

A few quick photos of plants and flowers for Mother’s Day:

Martha Washington geraniums, Gryphon begonia and Calla Lilies from Burt’s Greenhouses in Odessa:




and my much-hyped, long-awaited pincushion protea, waxflower, and greens from Resendiz Brothers’ Farms in California:

There is a truckload of Ontario-grown floral beauty inbound tomorrow morning, including gerbera daisies, lisianthus and chrysanthemums, featured in the pinky-purple bouquet below:


These hand tied bouquets are my best seller for Mother’s Day, but I’m also sending out lovely planters and vase arrangements. It’s not too late to order; call, email, or message me via twitter/facebooks for pickup or delivery this weekend!

Join me for order pickups and pop-up-shop Saturday and Sunday May 11 and 12, 9:00 am-6:00 pm at Lakeshore School, 2312 Princess St. (beside the CAA and RONA).

And I’m off to write cards, scrub flower buckets and pot up some herb planters. Parsley sage rosemary and thyme, yo! And lemon balm. And sometimes ornamental hot peppers.

*Bohemian Raphsody stuck in your head starting…. now.
To counter, may I suggest Mr. LL CoolJ’s Momma Said Knock you Out. Now also stuck in your head.
Any other good tunes with Momma in the title?

Happy Thursday!

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The new intern

Mother’s Day is only six days away, and since it’s typically the busiest day of the year for florists, I have hired some extra help for the holiday.

Meet Cali, aka Mr. Whiskers. She will be completing her internship at the studio for the next three weeks while her owner tours Europe.


She enjoys sitting in boxes, napping on the chair, trying to get into the basement, and rubbing white hair on everything.
She dislikes people walking towards her, closed doors, loud noises, sudden movements, the word ‘no’, and cheesy self portraits.


Unfortunately, Mr. Whiskers won’t be making an appearance at the pop-up shop*; she will be handling paperwork and book keeping back at home while I man the till.

If she isn’t fired before the weekend.
I’ve already had to file a formal written complaint re. the iris-chewing incident.
She denied the allegations, but is clearly shown in the security camera footage:


*Join me at 2312 Princess St. for order pickups and flower shopping!
Saturday May 11 9:00am-6:00pm
Sunday May 12 9:00 am-6:00pm
Friday evening pickups by appointment.


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