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A nice day to start again

It’s a nice day for a….
white wedding!
bridal party

…Or white, blue and purple.
Got some Big Fat Fake Wedding photos from photographer and all-around good guy David L Slack.
backyard wedding delphinium

miss emily 2

Just in time for the Kingston Wedding Show!

It’s at the Kingston Waterfront Holiday Inn 12noon to 4:00 pm this Sunday Aug. 18.

Proceeds go to the Kidney Foundation. I love pairing a good wedding-bonanza with a good charitable casue.
Get more info and $2 off your admission by booking online:

wedding show screen cap

Come say hello at lucky booth #7!

I’m doing a giveaway bouquet draw, and there are a lot of awesome door prizes and VIP bags on the roster.
(quite a few cake and cupcake exhibitors, keep your fingers crossed for free samples.)


Want to hear my wedding show joke?
Get your bride-to-be-hind down here!

When I’m not being the queen of comedy, I like to:

1.Collect fabrics and props for my ‘Backyard to Ballroom’ exhibit booth

2.Lose my mind over these Creme de la Creme roses, especially as they open up. (Will they displace Vendela as my go-to non-bruising ivory rose? I’m getting both varieties in for the weekend. Battle royale time. Stay tuned.)

3. Reminisce about July 19 in sunny England. I keep forgetting to ask the important players if they mind sharing their photos/faces, so I will leave you with the Bentley:
the bentley

Happy Thursday!
And thank you to my wonderful backyard wedding models: Nikki, Rachel and flower girl Emily. I really appreciate your time and gorgeous smiles- even in the rain!



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10 years

Spence and I wedding

Ten years ago today, a certain Mr. Spencer was crazy enough to marry me.
Three new businesses, a lawsuit, a two-year Kemptville-Ktown commute, trips to Seville, London, and Paris, a theatre company, a feature film, a roadtrip across the US and Canada, a year in California, at least 520 arguments and 1825 hours of laughing later…
Spence and I castle Howard

we’re not as thin.
And we don’t have as much hair.
On our heads.

Marriage is a lot more work than I thought it would be, which surprised me, even though it’s what everyone tells you.
Spencer’s a lot better at it than I am.
He’s got a slower fuse, a stronger work ethic, he keeps the long game in mind instead of freaking out about the little details.

It’s a weird little racket, this marriage thing. You take the one person you’re most passionate about and turn them into a family member, business partner and roommate…and then you have to somehow not become the bane of each other’s existence.

You’re bombarded with movies and books and tv shows and advertising and carefully-curated facebook and internet versions of all these picture-perfect marriages where no one leaves frigging socks everywhere, or leaves everything till the last minute and panics. There are never stacks of dishes, or weird looping arguments where it’s 2am and you’re still fighting and still mad, but neither of you could probably even say what the actual argument was about any more.

the urn
You know what, though?
Frankly, my dears, I look forward to working on it some more. We’ve stood by each other through things that might have killed it for a lot of other (more sensible?) people.
No one makes me laugh like this guy. Actually, that’s not quite true. We get into these weird, make-each-other-laugh joke/conversations that regularly bring us to tears. And the man can COOK.
Which maybe explains the ‘not as thin’ part…

I’m pretty excited to see what happens next.
Happy Anniversary, Coobs.
Happy Thursday, every one!

Photos by (from top to bottom): Lindsay Field, Jake Bernard, Lindsay Milner X2, and a very nice (Swedish?) lady at the Tour Eiffel.


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Light it up

I spent the weekend gardening in between daytime cloudbursts. (Holy Moly am I out of shape!)

The 100 mile bouquet: cherry blossoms and meadow rue from my yard/neighbourhood, birch leaves from Dad's farm.

The 100 mile bouquet: cherry blossoms and meadow rue from my yard/neighbourhood, birch leaves from Dad’s farm.

The King’s Town Players annual Beer Dinner and Season 4 Launch Friday, firepit/drinks/backyard fireworks show with friends Saturday, and Monday’s gazebo build/hot tub party with yet more friends rounded out the evenings pretty nicely. (Holy moly is it great to soak in a hot tub after gardening while out-of-shape…)

I should never take three days off in a row, it totally floors me and takes my head out of the game every time…

No fireworks photos for all y’all, but you could light this one up:


In fact, I did, at my own wedding 10 years ago. We had the florist fill this hurricane lamp reservoir up with white freesia, orchids, and assorted greens in honour of my Nana; freesia was her favourite flower.

My sister is getting married this summer, and I thought I would try out and photograph good old lampy, to see if she would like me to bring it over for her wedding ceremony. I did it up with locally foraged raspberry and cherry blossom, imported (Colombian?) dianthus-as-moss, and Ontario-grown freesia, chrystanthemum, and alstroemeria:

Photography by Kingston’s very own David L Slack- he came over to do some product shots as well as portraits in the studio. If you’re in the Kingston area and looking for a friendly, professional photographer and all-around good guy, get yourself over to Dave’s facebook page:

David L Slack Photography_Facebook_20130521-150606

Happy Tuesday!

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Cherry Blossoms and Cat Hair

Digging out the house and studio after Hurricane Mother’s Day. Not sure if I’ve shifted more leaves/stems/compost or cat hair by volume.

Thanks to everyone who helped, ordered, and stopped by; I had a tremendous weekend! My dogs were barkin’, but I sold a lot of gorgeous flowers and plants, made a lot of moms happy, and learned a lot. You can’t slap the grin off my face!

I’ll leave you for today with a couple shots of the week… and of course, the kitty.

Here is a snap of my Sunday at about 3 hours to quittin’ time:

And here is where all the magic doesn’t happen… is that a flower shop in my car? Nope, I’m just happy to see you.
FACT: if you need to cram everything you own into a super-not-sexy vehicle, the 2006 Ford Focus will do the trick. Remind me to tell you about the time we packed all our earthly goods into that thing and drove to California for the year.

The cherry and apple blossoms are out in Kingston- I’ve been clipping and using (and sniffing, as allergies permit) with absolute JOY.


And the last of my pincushion leucospermum went into a birthday centrepiece for a special recipient on Tues. (NOT protea! I have been spreading floral misinformation around the town.) Plant ID troubles aside, this may be my favourite thing I have ever made to date:


Mr. Whiskers would like you to know that she has finally killed the evil piece of window screen (yes, she has toys. She prefers the piece of window screen.)


And also, she helped with all the bows.
I will have some much-more-skillfully-taken photos for all y’all once I receive emails and USB keys from various Mother’s Day helpers and photographers. I also did a studio/product shoot with Mr. David Slack on Tues, which I am quite excited to show you! Have a lovely week!

Yours Sincerely,
The Cherry Blossom Thief

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Carnations- for science!

I don’t usually carry carnations. I haven’t found an Ontario grower yet, and I don’t use them frequently… but I spied a bunch of white carnations on the truck last week and just had to pick them up for the preschool class at Lakeshore school.

They were doing the classic experiment of white carnations in water dyed with food colouring- I was pretty charmed by the results:

carnations1 blog

Here’s a bright pink monstrosity from a grocery store bunch I picked up the other week:


Now compare that to the subtle little stripes on the pre-k fleurs:
carnations 2 blog

I love the little zig zags, I was surprised at where the colour showed the most in that top third of the petal-sometimes I forget to really appreciate the biology and processes behind these beautiful materials I work with.

PS. Lakeshore has generously offered me space for a Mother’s Day pop up shop. We will still be offering our delivery service, but for customers who wish to pick up their orders, or stop by for cash and carry, the school offers a central location and parking lot. Come take a peek at the building, pick up a bunch of flowers for mom, say hello- there will probably be coffee, maybe even cake. More details coming soon.

Happy Tuesday!

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A little something-something

I was finishing up an order of small hand-tied bouquets for a corporate client* when I realised one of her bouquets was going to the hospital, where they do not allow flowers without a container.

One tiny upcycled blue vase and two crazy-bright orange gerberas to the rescue!


The dark-green bit of vine is grape ivy, my new favourite go-to foliage.

Bud vases usually bore me. This one made me take pictures. And possibly make squealy noises and talk to myself.

This working from home thing, I tell ya. I should just go out and buy eighteen cats and a set of old-school hair curlers and get it over with.

But, on the plus side- bright blue and orange!

Happy Tuesday.

*the lovely, always smiling, BILINGUAL mortgage broker, Raquel Welch, of Mortage Professionals East Side, should you require help with that sort of a thing.

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Flower giveaway!

Mondays are terrible.
Flowers are awesome.
Make this Monday less terrible and more awesome by winning a free bouquet from Sage Flowers!

Here’s how:
1.If you (or your lucky recipient) will be in Kingston West or the downtown area this Tuesday morning,
2.leave a comment here on the blog or on the facebook page
3.and I will draw a random winner for free bouquet giveaway and delivery!*

Rules, rules, Rules:
*Tuesday March 19th a.m. delivery
*Delivery to K7M, K7P, and K7L/K7K postal codes south of the 401 and east of the Lasalle Causeway only, folks. I love all y’all, but I am not driving to Ompah for free.
*Recipient must be available to accept the flowers sometime between 9 am and 1pm on Tuesday.

Feeling lucky?


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