Today on ‘Totally Dignified Moments in Floristry’

An open letter to publicly thank Mr. Douglas Wark at the Glen Lawrence Golf Club for being so gracious when a certain florist busted right into his office while he was in the middle of a meeting .

Imagine, if you will, those koolaid commercials from the 1980s. Everyone is having a nice and normal day, until suddenly, a man dressed as a big red jug of koolaid kicks through the wall and yells ‘Oh YEAH!’

Except it’s a frazzled looking short lady who says ‘OH NO!’  … and possibly has some leaves in her hair at this point in proceedings.


Of course on my way OUT of the parking lot, I found the sign with the arrow, clearly pointing to the entrance I was supposed to have used in the first place.

Thanks to Doug, the couple he was meeting with, and the friendly bar and restaurant staff at the Glen Lawrence for being so understanding, getting the  florist to the right door at the right time… and even helping her unload the van!

PS. The bride emailed me on Monday, and she was delighted.


*Screenshot of 1978 ‘Castles and Knights’ kool aid commercial courtesy Wikipedia- under fair use license


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