I pity the Fool

Happy April 1st!

Jane (at at Safari Cakes ) and I spent a pleasant last day of March experimenting with some different wedding cake-and-flower techniques. One of my contributions was this composite rose.

Check it out on our wee rustic cake,

cake with composite rose

and side by side with a Monsieur Michel’s faux peony.

composite rose and silk peony

Composites aren’t silk flowers, but they’re definitely not as nature intended: you build these roses by taking apart 4 real roses and reassembling the petals into a monster bloom. Back in the day, this was done by wiring and taping each fragile petal (gives me stress hives just thinking about it) In 2016, it is all about the glue. Or ‘floral adhesive’, as I guess I should say.

Of course I’ve got fakes on my mind as it is April Fool’s Day! Anyone fall for any good ones? I was pretty tickled by the The National Library and Archive Canada’s  release of Wolverine’s WWII journals and photos. You can  check it out here- OUTSTANDING prankstership, ladies and gentlemen!

national post photo

Photo via The National Post

Taking the cake for me this April Fool’s, though, would have to be this new hipster airline connecting Shoreditch in London with al the scenesters worldwide.  They let you into the VIP lounge based on your tats and beard, and bookings are via Instagram.

hipsterair.com photo

Photo via hipsterair.com

Oh and in late breaking news, expedia announces new competing airline Ginge-air, for redheads only, and Queen’s University right here in the Limestone City has successfully launched its first suborbital rocket from the new Belle Island Space Flight Facility. Until next year, jokers!

Serious about sending flowers? Give us a shout at 613-545-9229 or order online at http://sageflowers.ca


PS. I’m still a little upset at how many people called/messaged me to ask if I had really opened a yoga studio for cats 2 years ago.



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