This duck is a-PADDLIN’!

What’s that expression? We see the duck floating on the water and don’t see his feet paddling like crazy underneath?

Well. Quack-quack, duckies.   We’ve gone from a slow, late spring to full on Mother’s Day and wedding season overdrive…overnight. 

I tried to put away dirty dishes from the dishwasher this morning.

My house is crying, it’s so neglected.

Nature of the beast.

Some photos of what’s been keeping me away (and busy. And smiling. I do love this time of year, and I’m one of those fortunate souls who loves my work.)








Catch up soon?

PS. I’m supposed to be florist AND guest at this weekend’s wedding. Now taking bets for whether I make it to setup AND manage to show up on time wearing something halfway decent. Last one to the bar is a zzzzzzzzzzz……

PPS.saw everyone on Centennial stop, both lanes,to let a mother duck and string of ducklings cross the road. Nothing like seeing a bunch of ducklings pile up while they try to hop a curb. Watch out for fuzzy small things! And turtle season is coming up soon. 


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