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the Little Angel

A few weeks ago, (one of my favourite sites for stalking-er, RESEARCHING beautiful flower varieties, designs, designers and professional advice)  posted some gorgeous photos of the Chapel Designers’ wonderful dogs modelling flower collars. You can see the photos here.

(To use a sports analogy, since I am very athletic, the Chapel Designers are  Notre Dame. I am the Saturday 9:00 am Timbits team with the yellow T Shirts. Yes, I just compared soccer and football. Because I am very athletic.)

The actual point being,  I somehow got into internet jokes about how I should make a floral halo for my cat. As you know, I take my internet jokes very seriously. And so, without further ado, I present my very own gorgeous animal photo shoot. 

Mr. Bingley is wearing a crown of delphinium, eryngium-


just a sec


Mr. Bingley is wearing a crown of delphinium, eryngium, waxflower and-



MrBingleyiswearingahaloofdelphiniumwaxflowerandnapenthe(catmint)withaburlapbow, perfect for that….



Close enough. 

With thanks (apologies?) to Alicia and everyone at flirtyfleurs and the Chapel Designers!

I hope you are all having a restful Memorial Day, and I hope that I can travel south and study with you one day. Clearly, I have a lot to learn. 


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This duck is a-PADDLIN’!

What’s that expression? We see the duck floating on the water and don’t see his feet paddling like crazy underneath?

Well. Quack-quack, duckies.   We’ve gone from a slow, late spring to full on Mother’s Day and wedding season overdrive…overnight. 

I tried to put away dirty dishes from the dishwasher this morning.

My house is crying, it’s so neglected.

Nature of the beast.

Some photos of what’s been keeping me away (and busy. And smiling. I do love this time of year, and I’m one of those fortunate souls who loves my work.)








Catch up soon?

PS. I’m supposed to be florist AND guest at this weekend’s wedding. Now taking bets for whether I make it to setup AND manage to show up on time wearing something halfway decent. Last one to the bar is a zzzzzzzzzzz……

PPS.saw everyone on Centennial stop, both lanes,to let a mother duck and string of ducklings cross the road. Nothing like seeing a bunch of ducklings pile up while they try to hop a curb. Watch out for fuzzy small things! And turtle season is coming up soon. 

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Mother’s Day Giveaway winner!

Congratulations to our giveaway draw winner Anna Gooderham! 

Thank you to all who entered our contest, and to all of the mothers in our lives. 

Take a look at what your kids, spouses, and friends have to say about you:


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New Toys! (aka new product for Spring 2014 and Mother’s Day)

Confession time: I phoned my mom and yelled “Santa’s here! Santa’s here!” when the wholesale truck pulled up this morning.
Yes, I am a 35 year old woman with her own business and home.
In my defense, I am jacked up on coffee, and that’s probably the way it’s gonna be until May 12.

Sunday May 11 being Mother’s Day, you see.
This is the biggest day of the year for florists, matched only by Valentine’s Day.
But blah blah blah, what does this mean for you, dear reader and customer?

This means new stuff with which to treat yourself, send best wishes, or win the belt and title for World’s Most Awesome Kid
of the Year.

Little antique-look drawer planter boxes

drawer planter 700px

I had to buy these with plants in them. I plan to rip out what’s in there and add lavender, cuphea, calendula and other
botanical treasures- but my floral and plant wholesaler says to warn you all that the cold, dark spring is playing havoc
with the greenhouse growers. Our annuals may not be in full bloom for May 11. If that’s the case, I’ can add a few cut
flowers to any planters that aren’t showy enough. Once the sun kicks in, everything will blossom like crazy.

new product mothers day14 700px


And from left to right,
new burlap ribbon, chunky ‘natural’ textured planters, square tin planters/vases, 5″ ceramic pots with bark texture and
moss colouring, sweet green tinted ‘jardin’ mason jars, and a hanging grapevine globe with a little glass cylinder perfect
for a tiny hand tied bouquet.

Feel free to call, email, order online, or visit in person at one of our TWO pop up shop locations!
We will be at Lakeshore School, 2312 Princess St, from 9-5 on Sat May 10 and Sun May 11
and we are very excited to announce we will also have a table at the Queen’s University Club brunch from 10-2 on Sun May

popupshop poster md2014 700

Want to win Mother’s Day flowers for FREE?

Mother's Day giveaway 2014
Don’t miss our social media contest now through Monday- enter to win a hand tied bouquet for a special mother in your life,
as well as a $50 charitable donation in her name to the charity of her choice.
More details here.

Have a great weekend- hopefully everyone manages to catch a little sun in between the rain showers.
I will leave you with a photo of our quality control department, hard at work:

rigourous product test 700



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