Great News, Everyone! – MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!

I am so excited I don’t have to keep this a secret anymore! 

After months of preparation, commercial real estate-ing, permits, dances with zoning bylaws, and of course PAINTING, I am thrilled to be able to open the doors to a place very dear to my heart, that I hope will become special to you, too:

The Sage Flowers &Kitty and Me Yoga Studio!


Please come by for Cat Salutations and the bounty of spring flowers at our grand opening, and do bring your feline friend!

Thanks to Steven, my parents and family, my supportive clients, and of course, MR. BINGLEY for helping me make my lifelong dream come true! NAMASTE!




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4 responses to “Great News, Everyone! – MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!

  1. Can the kitties do downward dog? 🙂

  2. Does the price per session include iodine for the scratches and bites? Will there be a medical responder on site?

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