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Closed Fri Mar 14 PM and all day Sat Mar 15

Soooo, I blew that ‘blog every Thursday’ deadline big time…

Must confess, I’ve been playing hooky this week while my mainsqueeze is on March break- bad florist!

It’s his super special 45th Ides of March birthday on the 15th, so might as well continue with the naughtiness and start again next week. 

Place any weekend orders by 11am today, and we’ll see you Monday. 

Bright eyed, bushy tailed, pulling my socks up, etc. 

Happy Pi-day-Friday!


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Brain Freeze

I thought this bunch of purple and blue spring cuts might cure the winter blues. Hair of the dog and all that.


I don’t know about the rest of you, but this February just sapped my initiative and left me with zombie brain.

All quiet on the blog, as you may have noticed.

I’ve been consulting on fun and romantic weddings, and bringing as many spring flowers to customers as possible, but I’ve let the old blog stall, and frankly I’m not sure how to start it up again.

So, in the ultimate mix of listening to my audience/ passing the buck, I thought I would ask what YOU would like to see!

Want to  “name that flower”?
Want to hear about wedding and floral trends in southeast Ontario and beyond?
Flower puns?
Just some photos of the cat being a jerk?


Ask and ye shall receive!

For now: a sneak peek at a Dutch wedding centerpiece for a wedding in May. Stick with me now, there’s a  pun for you at the end.


I’ll have a fun announcement for you next Thurs.  It involves flowers, moms, and do-goodery!
Just getting a few details sorted out…

waiting for the other shoe to drop, haha.

Happy Thursday!

*re the cat: just want to reassure my customers (especially those with allergies!) that he is not allowed in the studio or near the fleurs.  He is 100% determined to sneak into the spare room, where I take most of my photos. I usually take a snap of him doing so, because I am 95% crazy cat lady at this point. But do rest assured he is not chewing on your wedding bouquet or getting hair all over the cellophane on your mom’s birthday flowers!


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