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Alone but far from lonely …

Looks like my man John Geddes wrote this several months ago, but I think it’s 1) amazing 2) especially apt this time of year.


20140121-111743.jpgDoes anyone know any good songs that actually celebrate living solo? I can only think of songs like “One is the Lonliest” or “All by myself” or “Lonely boy”. Even the pop songs that have a more positive tone to them are more “give love the finger” songs like “I will survive” or that iconic Cher dance tune ” Do you believe in life after love?” (after love, after love, after love)

Recently, on CBC radio, there were two programs that dealt with people living alone. According to last year’s census, 27.6% of households (over 3.5 million of them in Canada) have a single occupant and there are more people living alone than coupled with children.  I suspect that many of you reading this blog are living solo.

Sometimes that is by choice, other times by circumstance, but the reality is that there are more people living on their own…

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Winter Flower PSA


Today a customer told me to just leave some flowers at the garage door if the recipient wasn’t home. While this might be a perfectly fine thing to do this SATURDAY, she will not fly today, my friends.

I give a standard ‘make us your last stop/pick up flowers last/ warm the car up first’ lecture FREE with each winter pickup purchase.

You don’t want your flowers to get anywhere near frost or freezing temperature. The water inside the flowers’ cells will freeze, expand, damage/rupture  the cells, and turn your lovely bouquet or plant into mush.

Case study: One Christmas, my husband left a poinsettia in his car for three hours… and was disappointed to find a leafless Charlie-Brown-tree in the wrapper once he got it inside.

Case study dos: I was speaking to one of my wholesalers, and even their climate-controlled trucks and vans were struggling with the Arctic Vortex -40 last week. Some drivers had water freeze in buckets, others found that, despite protective wrapping/boxes, some flowers were damaged by cold during the short walk from truck to shop door.

I often have customers ask me if they should keep their flowers in the fridge at home, and when I was googling “how freezing damages flowers”, I actually found people asking how to freeze cut flowers so they last longer.

I think there might be some confusion because people see coolers in most flowers shops.

Although many florists in our bit of the world run a cooler all year long, the point is not to freeze, but to maintain a temperature of about 5-8 degrees C with the correct humidity. This slows bacteria growth and the ageing/dying process of the flower, without damaging or drying out plant tissues. (There are certain flowers, such as orchids, that don’t even handle those temperatures well, and are best stored around room temperature.)

Stop at the flower shop last, warm your car up first, and don’t stop for gas on the way home! We will probably wrap up your lovely gift in some paper for an extra layer of insulation – this is one time when those ugly grocery store triangular paper sleeves are really a good thing!

And now you know.  Be sure to check back in the summer for my ‘gun the A/C, don’t let them turn into steamed veggies’ lecture.

We aim to please, not to freeze, babies.

Happy Thursday!

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