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No more November

FRIDAY already?  As in, Friday, month-end, close to quitting time?

I’m not sure where the week went, to be completely honest.

Fun times here- I’m moving everything into my new basement studio space later on this weekend.  And Santa came early  in the form of a shipment from one of my suppliers. At busy holidays I have to break my ‘not buying things by the case’ rule, but I hope you’ll forgive me when you see the haul:


Birch pots, candles,  blingy-blingy ribbon, (and some more subtle stuff), ceramic pots, shallow-dishes-that-can-double-as-pretty-candle-holders-post-holiday, dried fruit and lovely natural elements …

Watch ye olde online shoppe as we add an item or two every day- especially on Dec 1, when we begin our 12 Days of Christmas sale!  Prepare to be bombarded with holiday flowers on the facebooks, twitter, and the Kingston Finest Values booklet. I’ll keep it as non-obnoxious as possible, promise 🙂

From Nov 30 until Dec 12, receive 10%off your holiday flower order (aka fleurs delivered or picked up  between now and Jan 1. )  Use the promo Code 12DAYS online, or just phone me… maybe sing a verse or two of the song.  You never know. I am a demanding woman and I demand entertainment! (Also, I prefer the Bob and Doug edition.)


Couple snaps of some bouquets that went out the door today- I try my best not to make the holiday birthday bouquets look too Christmassy…


Oh, and Mr. Bingley wishes to inform you that eating rose petals out of the compost bucket is now totally his jam.



Happy Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, happy No More Godawful Mustaches,  and a merry weekend to all!

Let me know what you think about improvements to the shop/site:


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Last of the summer whine…

The whiner would be me, housebound until possibly 9pm, waiting on Union Gas to make the warm water and warm air happen in my house. Don’t even ask.


The upside is that I’ve been making bright, summery bouquets all afternoon. Everyone wants purple and yellow and white and pink this week- it’s almost as if they know how much red/white/green/glitter is just around the corner.


Happy Friday, all!

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Studio closed this Friday

blog close notice

Please place your orders for Thursday and Saturday asap.
We’re off to Toronto on Friday to visit some wholesalers…and bring back a ford focus full of Christmas goodies.

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