The Halloweenie

There’s a pointy-clawed, chompy-fanged monster in my house!

The night before a September wedding gig, I sweet talked my husband into taking me to the Humane Society . There was a photo on the adoption page of a little black kitten with the biggest ears you ever saw. His name was Mr. Bingley. And he needed a home.


At 6:30 the following morning, I was making boutonnieres and kitty was frantically tangling himself up in the top of our kitchen curtains. I wondered if there may have been some poor decision-making on my part.

Mr. Bingley has become quite the little bruiser since then. His ears don’t seem as comically big, and I can’t count as many of his ribs, but he would like to inform you that he is literally starving to death at all times. Please call the SPCA.

When he isn’t screaming at the cupboard where we keep his food, he enjoys standing up on his back legs to try and eat socks, sandwiches, and the strings of your hoodie. He plays fetch with gerbera straws and paper balls. His arch-nemesis is the red laser pointer. His interests include the toilet, the garbage, and- after investigating these items- sticking his paws in your face. His true purpose in life is to get into the flower studio and unspool all the ribbons.


Naptimes are 9:00 am to 11:00am and 2:00pm to 4:00 pm. Crazy Cat Time (aka ‘run and jump everywhere, claw and bite everything’) is 9:00pm through whenever you hope to go to bed and sleep.
He will frequently arch his back and do a meow-smile that makes him look exactly like a Halloween decoration. He will this zero times if there is a camera around.
Also not pictured- cuddle time when it’s especially cold or you’re having a bad day. I guess we’ll keep the little jackass around.


In other local news:

Doc says my wrist is good to go! Special thanks to Dr. Lau and the good folks in orthodpedics at Hotel Dieu. Hip hip hooray, let the physio begin…

Just in time to face down one of the greatest challenges on the florist calendar: the big December 2-4, the C-word itself. I’m not a Christmas in October kind of girl, but the more I work out my plans and designs, the more excited I am about the season.

Think Silver and Gold. And birch and moss and and lotus pods. Cinnamon sticks, orange clove pomanders, and cookies…pinecones and rosehips and painted branches…wreaths and swags and centerpieces, oh my. The whole studio smells of eucalyptus, pine, cloves, and cinnamon.


You’re welcome to order and talk Xmas any time. I’m ready for early holiday gifts and parties. There will be sneak peeks, but I’d like to hold off on major advertising and announcements until Nov 11 to show respect for our veterans.

Nov 12? Showtime! (Anyone remember that? From Beetlejuice? Anyone?)

Happy Halloween!


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2 responses to “The Halloweenie

  1. Mr Bingley is so cute! 🙂

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