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See you later, summer

When you live with a teacher, the end of summer is your New Year’s Eve.
Resolutions, big changes… I’m sure there are parents out there cracking open some champagne,haha.
Of course, certain people become more and more cranky as haircuts and new shoes and class schedules replace barbecues and bare feet and lazy days and video games… certain people who are not ten-year-olds.

Sorely tempted to sleep in and do lots of nothing on Tuesday, just because I can.
Is that mean? Or AWESOME?
blue hydrangea bride
Short-notice wedding this week, for a lovely ceremony in the park.
Corsages, bouts and hairflowers of white spray rose and waxflowers, and a simple bunch of blue hydrangea for the bride.
Want to see a wedding in a box?wedding in a box

I have to confess to more party-plans than work plans for the holiday weekend.
You should, too!
Contact me asap if you would like Saturday flower delivery, because I gotta jet to my sister’s Canadian wedding reception later in the day.
A bit less castle and a bit more pub for this round of celebrations. Can NOT wait!

I will be closed Sunday and Monday and re-open on Tuesday for normal business hours. I will be checking the email and voicemail regularly, so leave me a message any time.

Have a wonderful, safe Labour Day weekend, one and all!

PS. Remember Kristy and Matt’s sunflower wedding on Labour day last year? Happy Anniversary, lovebirds! I bought some sunflowers off the truck this am- thinking of you!

Photography by Jonathan Robert

Photography by Jonathan Robert


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Congratulations, Ashley!

Ashley Raposo is the winner of our giveaway draw from the Kingston Wedding Show this past Sunday. Congratulations, Ashley!

And congratulations to everyone getting married! We met brides and grooms-to-be from Kingston West to Belleville to Carlton Place, with wedding dates this year, next year, and even in 2015.
The wedding show was a great day out at at fun, classy event- think cocktail bar and live music on the top floor of the Holiday Inn waterfront.
I got to meet some great wedding folks from the area, including Nancy from Forget me Not Wedding Flowers and Michelle from Chartreuse Flower Works- I’d been stalking their gorgeous work online for a while, it was so cool to meet them in person. Best of all, the whole event raised funds for the Kidney Foundation, so all those sample cupcakes and cake pops and hors d’oeuvres I devoured were for a great cause.
It’s thank you time: thanks to Danielle Kesco at for organising the whole shebang, and thanks to all the staff at the Holiday Inn. They were calm, cool, friendly and so helpful; if you’re looking for a hotel wedding venue on the waterfront, they would be worth checking out.
wedding show booth

I usually work solo, but it’s best to have at least two people on deck for these kinds of events. I couldn’t have pulled the day off without my mom, Christine. You need someone to get up ridiculously early on a Sunday and pack your car full of lanterns and flowers and then stand until 4pm? You need a few spare roses just before go-time? You need someone to remind you that a handful of Riesens is not breakfast, and then whip a bagel and coffee out of her ginormous purse? This woman, I tell ya. She did deliveries for me on Mother’s Day. Yep. Thanks, Momsy!


Well my magical weekend came to an abrupt end with fillings at the dentist and a dead car battery on Monday, so I guess it’s time to get back to real life. Still, when real life has moments like this…

it’s kind of hard to complain.
Happy Wednesday, all!

PS. Ashley, I’ve sent you an email. Shoot me a message or give me a call!

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A nice day to start again

It’s a nice day for a….
white wedding!
bridal party

…Or white, blue and purple.
Got some Big Fat Fake Wedding photos from photographer and all-around good guy David L Slack.
backyard wedding delphinium

miss emily 2

Just in time for the Kingston Wedding Show!

It’s at the Kingston Waterfront Holiday Inn 12noon to 4:00 pm this Sunday Aug. 18.

Proceeds go to the Kidney Foundation. I love pairing a good wedding-bonanza with a good charitable casue.
Get more info and $2 off your admission by booking online:

wedding show screen cap

Come say hello at lucky booth #7!

I’m doing a giveaway bouquet draw, and there are a lot of awesome door prizes and VIP bags on the roster.
(quite a few cake and cupcake exhibitors, keep your fingers crossed for free samples.)


Want to hear my wedding show joke?
Get your bride-to-be-hind down here!

When I’m not being the queen of comedy, I like to:

1.Collect fabrics and props for my ‘Backyard to Ballroom’ exhibit booth

2.Lose my mind over these Creme de la Creme roses, especially as they open up. (Will they displace Vendela as my go-to non-bruising ivory rose? I’m getting both varieties in for the weekend. Battle royale time. Stay tuned.)

3. Reminisce about July 19 in sunny England. I keep forgetting to ask the important players if they mind sharing their photos/faces, so I will leave you with the Bentley:
the bentley

Happy Thursday!
And thank you to my wonderful backyard wedding models: Nikki, Rachel and flower girl Emily. I really appreciate your time and gorgeous smiles- even in the rain!


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Beauty and sad goodbyes


This week was all funerals all the time.

Talking about funeral work feels strange, even though it is part of my job. I worry I sound insensitive (or worse, like a gold-digger), when I have to discuss death and invoices in the same conversation.

My husband, and even some of my clients, point out that someone needs to provide the flowers for a funeral.

I try to reconcile my conflicting biz lady feelings by making funeral arrangements as personal as possible.


This week I created memorial arrangements for two ladies who passed away in their nineties, and were being honoured by children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, extended family and friends. Their tastes, and the way their families chose to mark their lives, could not have been more different.

On Monday I delivered garden style vase arrangements for a celebration of life and brunch at the Yacht Club. The family had requested bright oranges, pinks, and purples. Their mother had hated anthuriums and carnations. She had assembled a wonderful collection of pottery throughout her life, and had an amazing perennial garden, so I arranged with the daughter to pick up some vases and take some cuttings. I used the vases, greenery, phlox, astilbe and hosta blooms a to make the arrangements as ‘her’ as possible.



The second family traditionally held their wakes, services, and interments at a local funeral home and family cemetery plot. They requested subdued colours and longer lasting cuts such as carnations and daisies- their mother had always found cut flowers a little impractical. Her favourite colour was blue, but I worried that hydrangeas might collapse or run out of water between the wake Tuesday and the service and interment on Wednesday. I decided to use the hydrangea in a vase arrangement, to ensure a continuous water supply, and then used blue ribbon for the script. Because I wanted everything to look fresh and lovely throughout the two days, I really leaned on ‘workhorse’ flowers such as gerberas, alstroemeria, daisies, and carnations. I tried to add interest, texture and scent with mosses, viburnum, ivy, begonia foliage and freesia. I knew the family preferred plants to cut flowers, so was able to suggest a planter basket with some perennials for friends who also wished to send a tribute.

It sounds beyond shallow to obsess about colours, ribbons, and the exact drape of a begonia leaf against the backdrop of someone dying, and a family having to come to terms with their grief. But I guess working hard to contribute our best, and to make the family as pleased as possible with their sendoff, is all we ‘bystanders’ can really do.

Thinking of anyone who is missing a loved one this weekend.

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Closed for civic holiday

I’m reversing the classic long weekend and closing up shop for Fri, Sat and Sun. I will be around to answer messages and take orders and calls on Monday… but since that is the actual holiday, I’ll probably play loosey-goosey with the old business hours. Catch me if you can! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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10 years

Spence and I wedding

Ten years ago today, a certain Mr. Spencer was crazy enough to marry me.
Three new businesses, a lawsuit, a two-year Kemptville-Ktown commute, trips to Seville, London, and Paris, a theatre company, a feature film, a roadtrip across the US and Canada, a year in California, at least 520 arguments and 1825 hours of laughing later…
Spence and I castle Howard

we’re not as thin.
And we don’t have as much hair.
On our heads.

Marriage is a lot more work than I thought it would be, which surprised me, even though it’s what everyone tells you.
Spencer’s a lot better at it than I am.
He’s got a slower fuse, a stronger work ethic, he keeps the long game in mind instead of freaking out about the little details.

It’s a weird little racket, this marriage thing. You take the one person you’re most passionate about and turn them into a family member, business partner and roommate…and then you have to somehow not become the bane of each other’s existence.

You’re bombarded with movies and books and tv shows and advertising and carefully-curated facebook and internet versions of all these picture-perfect marriages where no one leaves frigging socks everywhere, or leaves everything till the last minute and panics. There are never stacks of dishes, or weird looping arguments where it’s 2am and you’re still fighting and still mad, but neither of you could probably even say what the actual argument was about any more.

the urn
You know what, though?
Frankly, my dears, I look forward to working on it some more. We’ve stood by each other through things that might have killed it for a lot of other (more sensible?) people.
No one makes me laugh like this guy. Actually, that’s not quite true. We get into these weird, make-each-other-laugh joke/conversations that regularly bring us to tears. And the man can COOK.
Which maybe explains the ‘not as thin’ part…

I’m pretty excited to see what happens next.
Happy Anniversary, Coobs.
Happy Thursday, every one!

Photos by (from top to bottom): Lindsay Field, Jake Bernard, Lindsay Milner X2, and a very nice (Swedish?) lady at the Tour Eiffel.


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