How I spent my summer vacation Part I

Afternoon, guv’nors

Still jetlagged and adjusting to reality. On the plus side, I thought today was Monday. Bonus weekend!
I thought I’d leave you with a few teasers of my magical trip to the motherland, aka sunny England.

My beautiful sister Deborah and her husband Rory tied the knot in Wigginton near York, then hosted an unbelievable reception at Castle Howard
howard dome

castle howard grounds

Let me get permission to post other people’s photos and faces here, and we shall have a rundown of the dress, the happy newlyweds, the 1930s Daimler, and general antics next week.
daimler copy

Here I am making a couple of arrangements for the font and church (my professional-vanity side wanted to do up the whole thing, my practical side knew there would be no time to do fleurs and be fully there for my sister on her big day.)
church flowers

And here I am living out my Jane Austen and Downton Abbey fantasies while guzzling champagne.
I am jane austen

Despite my carry-on full of Jelly Babies and fetching sunburn in the shape of a bridesmaid’s dress, I am back to work and ready to send your flowers in Kingston, Ontario. Call or message me for a bunch of beautiful green leucadendrons, purple callas, and orange roses.
Mr. Spencer would like to remind you all to be incredibly safe.
spencer safety
Happy Friday!


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