Coffee. Boxwine. Nutella. Repeat.

Hitting the vices fairly hard as I get ready for my beautiful little sister’s wedding on the 19th. You know how everyone on earth says not to eat based on emotions, or use booze to calm yourself down? Yeah, about that…..

Sage Flowers will be closed for the wedding July 7-24. I will reopen to take orders and calls on Thursday July 25, and be fully re-stocked and ready to deliver flowers on Friday, July 26. Don’t worry, I’ll post a list of great alternate florists to keep you in flowers while I’m away.

In flower news, plenty of milestones and new chapters on the order sheets this month:

The biggest bouquet I have ever made:
The customers later put it into their own giant, two-foot-diamaeter vase- the RONA bucket was the biggest thing I had to arrange in. This was for an annual Downton Abbey food and croquet party. I have to scam an invite for next year, they sent me photos and it looked like an absolute blast!

Hot pink gerberas to say thank you and goodbye to coworkers (the person doing the moving did the sending this time, which is cool and unusual):
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The MO was bright bright bright flowers that could tough it out in a vase at the mall.

More proms! More grads! A few promotions!

A retirement orchid…. I loved this lemon yellow colour.

And last but not least, one of my September brides moved house and sold me her dishwasher- his name is the Admiral, and he is the love of my life. I can’t promise you there won’t be selfies of me making out with it at some point in the future. Possibly while rockin’ the boxwine.

Happy short week, eh? Hope all my fellow Canadians had a wonderful Canada day weekend.


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