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If you like it then you should have put a phalaenopsis on it…

Crazy heat and humidity arrived this week, just in time for all of Kingston’s grad and prom-goers to get sweaty-betty in their formal wear. I’m sure they all had a blast anyway… great excuse for a midnight swim, no?

I had the pleasure of doing up a couple of wrist corsages and bouquets for grads:


and some comb, clip, and pin-in-hair-flower samples for an upcoming prom customer,


Of course I choose the most humid day of all recorded history to show off my hairdo for all y’all.  Because I am a frigging supermodel. Oh, and forcing your husband to take dozens of photos of your head is completely normal.





In that last one, I’m modelling the hairband from my big fat fake wedding shoot on the weekend- I’ll be showing those pics off later.
Let’s just say that the original model is way cuter than I am…. and leave you with a preview of the shenanigans.

Walking a fine line between feeling like a real a-hole for posting so many pictures-of-self… and knowing that I MUST SHOW YOU THIS:
two moustaches

Sometimes I can’t believe this is my life, haha.

Stay cool grads, have an awesome summer!

Now let’s all go get some ice cream. Happy Wednesday!


PS. La boutique est fermee! I will be closed July 7-24 for my little sister’s big crazy real wedding.
If you know you will need fleurs during this time, shoot me a message- I’ll be happy to suggest some alternate kickass florists in town.


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Thunderstruck! (weekend wedding report)

work in progress

Lilies are scary, the stuff of rookie nightmares:
They stain. They change shape and size throughout the day. They crush if you look at them the wrong way.
They are sooooo lovely, though. I never used to care for orange lilies, but that intense colour is growing on me. (Diffuse, rainy day light makes everything paler here than in reality)

Must must must tuck them away towards the centre of the bouquet next time, to better protect those fragile petals.


Lessons learned courtesy Brenda and Mike, who got hitched this Saturday.

I kept my eyes on the skies after delivering their order- fortunately, the sun stayed out just past their ceremony time. Then, the giant apocalyptic storm clouds rolled in to town. Hopefully everyone had time for photos before the monsoon-style rains, crashes and bangs.
Such weather dramarama! Suited the tropical-punch theme, it was steamy like a rainforest here in good old K town. A mutual friend did tell me they all said this wedding would be epic…

Ontario-grown Asiatic lilies, freesia, callas, delphinium, and alstroemeria rounded out with Ecuadorian roses, Colombian hypericum, and California greens. I fell in love with Brenda’s peach/coral/aqua/orange/white colour scheme the second she emailed me about her wedding. We planned this all by email and a couple phone calls, by the way- if you can’t meet in person, we can still get beautiful things done!

bridesmaid 2

wrist corsage

flower girl basket 2

I know a few rockstar, still-madly-in-love couples whose wedding days featured thunder and lightning and downpours. Bit of a nailbiter if you’re trying not to get rain on a giant white dress, but maybe a little stormy weather is lucky for love.

You’ll have to come up with your own metaphors here, my dears, I am WIPED.
Coffee time. Again.
Congratulations and many happy years to Brenda and Mike.
xo Happy Monday.

PS. Stuck in your head in 3….2….1…

You’re welcome.

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