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THAT person at the wedding (video edition)

Some roses wilted, some aphids took over a geranium, the kitty went home. I’m on it with replacement blooms and insecticidal soap, but I don’t want to talk flowershop today.
Should, however, talk about something, so let us consider weddings.

Dad and I at a wedding reception last year

Dad and I at a wedding reception last year

My sister’s getting hitched in July. Let the nightmare of trying to crowbar all this into evening dress and heels begin.
Did I mention I wear a lot of steeltoes and flats? And that I usually have stripey t shirt tan from gardening by mid July? (could be snowsuit tan this year, I guess…) Point being, even though I’m in my mid 30s, I feel like a kid wearing mom’s high heels and cast off 70s evening wear whenever I try to fancy it up.

Worst of all, I dance like Elaine from Seinfeld.

Yep. That person at the wedding.

All my ‘get in shape/learn to walk in heels/ finally figure out how to dance at social things’ resolutions seemed more attainable six months ago.

Surreptitiously practicing all my wicked sexy dance moves around the upstairs hallway (Janelle Monae, where have you BEEN all my life?)

Should probably just skip over the anger/denial/bargaining and accept defeat.
My sister DOES like fatboy slim. I could do a throwback to our dancing around the basement days and present a fantastic routine in her honour:

… and I DO own a pair of moonboots.

The more I think about it, the more it becomes clear: I missed my calling. I was obviously meant to be a dude. With an 80s hairdo. And mom jeans. And large glasses.
My animal spirit, Keith Apicary:


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Light it up

I spent the weekend gardening in between daytime cloudbursts. (Holy Moly am I out of shape!)

The 100 mile bouquet: cherry blossoms and meadow rue from my yard/neighbourhood, birch leaves from Dad's farm.

The 100 mile bouquet: cherry blossoms and meadow rue from my yard/neighbourhood, birch leaves from Dad’s farm.

The King’s Town Players annual Beer Dinner and Season 4 Launch Friday, firepit/drinks/backyard fireworks show with friends Saturday, and Monday’s gazebo build/hot tub party with yet more friends rounded out the evenings pretty nicely. (Holy moly is it great to soak in a hot tub after gardening while out-of-shape…)

I should never take three days off in a row, it totally floors me and takes my head out of the game every time…

No fireworks photos for all y’all, but you could light this one up:


In fact, I did, at my own wedding 10 years ago. We had the florist fill this hurricane lamp reservoir up with white freesia, orchids, and assorted greens in honour of my Nana; freesia was her favourite flower.

My sister is getting married this summer, and I thought I would try out and photograph good old lampy, to see if she would like me to bring it over for her wedding ceremony. I did it up with locally foraged raspberry and cherry blossom, imported (Colombian?) dianthus-as-moss, and Ontario-grown freesia, chrystanthemum, and alstroemeria:

Photography by Kingston’s very own David L Slack- he came over to do some product shots as well as portraits in the studio. If you’re in the Kingston area and looking for a friendly, professional photographer and all-around good guy, get yourself over to Dave’s facebook page:

David L Slack Photography_Facebook_20130521-150606

Happy Tuesday!

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Pop up shop

It’s the May 24 long weekend here in Canada, and I’m hoping to take the machete to the jungle (aka my shameful backyard) and get my bbq on.

Still catching up on sleep and sifting through images from last weekend- thought I’d share a few shots of favourite colours and moments from day one in the multipurpose room at Lakeshore school. The students’ projects and artwork made my day and filled my weekend with even more colour (see if you can find the ‘suggestions for sculpture’ poster; it killed me!)

pop up shop day 1

A lovely customer ordered this vase of lilies, roses, freesia and gerberas for her mother in law:

big kahuna

It was missing a little something, so I added willow shoots clipped from the tree in the school parking lot:

big kahuna 2

I loved the combination of Ontario-grown blue delphinium and yellow leucospermum from California:

yellow orange blue

There were some self-guided tours while customers waited for me to wrap their bouquets; all around great guy and faculty member Mr. Spencer also provided some impromptu smart board and video project demos.

I like big butts,and I cannot lie.

I like big butts,and I cannot lie.

After hours he made me the best sandwich ever in the school kitchen, and then while I finished up bouquets for the next day, he treated me to a drum solo… which I begged him to please quit treating me to. Still couldn’t have pulled the caper off without him :)Fortunately, even late in the day, it’s hard to get tired of flowers.
late in the day

Thanks again to everyone who lent a hand, bought a bouquet, brought coffee, or otherwise supported me and my harebrained schemes. This was a great tryout of a pop up shop for busy holidays. Even though I was pretty tired by 7pm Sun when I finally mopped the floor, hit the lights and locked the doors, I really feel like I’ve started to hit my stride with the business.

This weekend brought to you by caffeine.  Check out them baggy eyes, haha

This weekend brought to you by caffeine. Check out them baggy eyes, haha


Happy weekend, all!

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Cherry Blossoms and Cat Hair

Digging out the house and studio after Hurricane Mother’s Day. Not sure if I’ve shifted more leaves/stems/compost or cat hair by volume.

Thanks to everyone who helped, ordered, and stopped by; I had a tremendous weekend! My dogs were barkin’, but I sold a lot of gorgeous flowers and plants, made a lot of moms happy, and learned a lot. You can’t slap the grin off my face!

I’ll leave you for today with a couple shots of the week… and of course, the kitty.

Here is a snap of my Sunday at about 3 hours to quittin’ time:

And here is where all the magic doesn’t happen… is that a flower shop in my car? Nope, I’m just happy to see you.
FACT: if you need to cram everything you own into a super-not-sexy vehicle, the 2006 Ford Focus will do the trick. Remind me to tell you about the time we packed all our earthly goods into that thing and drove to California for the year.

The cherry and apple blossoms are out in Kingston- I’ve been clipping and using (and sniffing, as allergies permit) with absolute JOY.


And the last of my pincushion leucospermum went into a birthday centrepiece for a special recipient on Tues. (NOT protea! I have been spreading floral misinformation around the town.) Plant ID troubles aside, this may be my favourite thing I have ever made to date:


Mr. Whiskers would like you to know that she has finally killed the evil piece of window screen (yes, she has toys. She prefers the piece of window screen.)


And also, she helped with all the bows.
I will have some much-more-skillfully-taken photos for all y’all once I receive emails and USB keys from various Mother’s Day helpers and photographers. I also did a studio/product shoot with Mr. David Slack on Tues, which I am quite excited to show you! Have a lovely week!

Yours Sincerely,
The Cherry Blossom Thief

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Momma Oooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooooooh*

A few quick photos of plants and flowers for Mother’s Day:

Martha Washington geraniums, Gryphon begonia and Calla Lilies from Burt’s Greenhouses in Odessa:




and my much-hyped, long-awaited pincushion protea, waxflower, and greens from Resendiz Brothers’ Farms in California:

There is a truckload of Ontario-grown floral beauty inbound tomorrow morning, including gerbera daisies, lisianthus and chrysanthemums, featured in the pinky-purple bouquet below:


These hand tied bouquets are my best seller for Mother’s Day, but I’m also sending out lovely planters and vase arrangements. It’s not too late to order; call, email, or message me via twitter/facebooks for pickup or delivery this weekend!

Join me for order pickups and pop-up-shop Saturday and Sunday May 11 and 12, 9:00 am-6:00 pm at Lakeshore School, 2312 Princess St. (beside the CAA and RONA).

And I’m off to write cards, scrub flower buckets and pot up some herb planters. Parsley sage rosemary and thyme, yo! And lemon balm. And sometimes ornamental hot peppers.

*Bohemian Raphsody stuck in your head starting…. now.
To counter, may I suggest Mr. LL CoolJ’s Momma Said Knock you Out. Now also stuck in your head.
Any other good tunes with Momma in the title?

Happy Thursday!

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The new intern

Mother’s Day is only six days away, and since it’s typically the busiest day of the year for florists, I have hired some extra help for the holiday.

Meet Cali, aka Mr. Whiskers. She will be completing her internship at the studio for the next three weeks while her owner tours Europe.


She enjoys sitting in boxes, napping on the chair, trying to get into the basement, and rubbing white hair on everything.
She dislikes people walking towards her, closed doors, loud noises, sudden movements, the word ‘no’, and cheesy self portraits.


Unfortunately, Mr. Whiskers won’t be making an appearance at the pop-up shop*; she will be handling paperwork and book keeping back at home while I man the till.

If she isn’t fired before the weekend.
I’ve already had to file a formal written complaint re. the iris-chewing incident.
She denied the allegations, but is clearly shown in the security camera footage:


*Join me at 2312 Princess St. for order pickups and flower shopping!
Saturday May 11 9:00am-6:00pm
Sunday May 12 9:00 am-6:00pm
Friday evening pickups by appointment.


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