Carnations- for science!

I don’t usually carry carnations. I haven’t found an Ontario grower yet, and I don’t use them frequently… but I spied a bunch of white carnations on the truck last week and just had to pick them up for the preschool class at Lakeshore school.

They were doing the classic experiment of white carnations in water dyed with food colouring- I was pretty charmed by the results:

carnations1 blog

Here’s a bright pink monstrosity from a grocery store bunch I picked up the other week:


Now compare that to the subtle little stripes on the pre-k fleurs:
carnations 2 blog

I love the little zig zags, I was surprised at where the colour showed the most in that top third of the petal-sometimes I forget to really appreciate the biology and processes behind these beautiful materials I work with.

PS. Lakeshore has generously offered me space for a Mother’s Day pop up shop. We will still be offering our delivery service, but for customers who wish to pick up their orders, or stop by for cash and carry, the school offers a central location and parking lot. Come take a peek at the building, pick up a bunch of flowers for mom, say hello- there will probably be coffee, maybe even cake. More details coming soon.

Happy Tuesday!


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