Holy* birthdays**, Batman

Was anyone not born between the end of February and mid-March?

I have been typing out cheesy facebook greetings, trying to find something decent to wear to parties, and delivering birthday bouquets like mad.
Not that you’ll hear me complaining, at least about the witty banter and fleurs.


Talk to me again in a few years when I’m a bit more jaded, but I absolutely love delivering flowers. I love ringing the doorbell and then making sure the bow and card are facing the right way when the recipient opens the door. People smile, and I can’t help smiling back, when I’m going through an office or shop delivering a bouquet to to someone at work.

I imagine it’s the exact opposite of how it would feel to be a bailiff or repo person?

Anyway, it’s probably someone’s birthday today or this weekend, so check your calendars and don’t get caught out. You’ll miss the CAKE.

I’ve got some lovely stuff coming in tomorrow morning, if you need to place a last minute order. I offer standing orders, Blooms for a Year and Big Three Anniversary-Birthday-Valentine’s subscriptions, too, if you’re worried about forgetting that sort of a thing. 😉

hot colour hand tie

* That’s my little pope joke. Lame.
** FACT: May 24 was about nine months ago.
*** Also, I know at least 3 people with Ides of March birthdays, and I think it would be hilarious if they drank Caesars.

Happy weekend, all.


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