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On gardeny roses and pseudo-science…

Thanks again to everyone who retweeted, facebook shared, blog-commented and otherwise spread the word for my giveaway contest last week. Thought it would be a fun way to jump start my sorely-neglected social media life.

I had the pleasure of delivering this hand-tied beauty to Erin last (cold, grey) Tuesday: California myrtle, Ecuadorian Miracle roses, Ontario tulip, iris, alstroemeria, grape ivy, and chrysanthemum.


Not gonna lie, folks, the giveaway was at high risk of becoming a keepformyself.

Customers at the flower shop where I used to work usually wanted their roses as bud-like as possible, their tulips only just beginning to show colour. I haven’t worked with flowers in enough places to know if this is strictly an Ontario/North American preference. Some European customers would tell me that back home, flowers were a more common part of everyday life, and open blooms were more desirable.

As a customer, I could see shopping for something not-quite-ripe, hoping for a longer vase life. (Although let me just get on my soapbox here and say that a tight, bullet-shaped rose a. is not so pretty b. may not open or last any longer than any other rose and c. OH MY GOD OPEN BLOWSY GARDENY ROSES OH MY GOD I WANT THEM ALL!)


Aaand I’m done. For now.

I kept a few of those orange roses and hot pink tulips for myself, and they held their lovely, open shapes for a whole extra week. I had to face facts and put the tulips in the compost this morning, but the roses are still going strong.

PS. I test drive a new variety of rose every few weeks, and I keep slightly-scientific track of leftover flowers, so that I can figure out how the blooms change and develop over time, and how long different flowers tend to last in the vase.

PPS. Stay tuned for more not-terribly-scientific SCIENCE!

Happy Tuesday xo


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We have a winner!

The winner of our Tues Mar 19 bouquet giveaway is Erin Elizabeth!  The names were drawn out of a dapper Parisian hat by an impartial judge. Stay tuned for our next giveaway- and thanks to everyone who played!

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Flower giveaway!

Mondays are terrible.
Flowers are awesome.
Make this Monday less terrible and more awesome by winning a free bouquet from Sage Flowers!

Here’s how:
1.If you (or your lucky recipient) will be in Kingston West or the downtown area this Tuesday morning,
2.leave a comment here on the blog or on the facebook page
3.and I will draw a random winner for free bouquet giveaway and delivery!*

Rules, rules, Rules:
*Tuesday March 19th a.m. delivery
*Delivery to K7M, K7P, and K7L/K7K postal codes south of the 401 and east of the Lasalle Causeway only, folks. I love all y’all, but I am not driving to Ompah for free.
*Recipient must be available to accept the flowers sometime between 9 am and 1pm on Tuesday.

Feeling lucky?


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Holy* birthdays**, Batman

Was anyone not born between the end of February and mid-March?

I have been typing out cheesy facebook greetings, trying to find something decent to wear to parties, and delivering birthday bouquets like mad.
Not that you’ll hear me complaining, at least about the witty banter and fleurs.


Talk to me again in a few years when I’m a bit more jaded, but I absolutely love delivering flowers. I love ringing the doorbell and then making sure the bow and card are facing the right way when the recipient opens the door. People smile, and I can’t help smiling back, when I’m going through an office or shop delivering a bouquet to to someone at work.

I imagine it’s the exact opposite of how it would feel to be a bailiff or repo person?

Anyway, it’s probably someone’s birthday today or this weekend, so check your calendars and don’t get caught out. You’ll miss the CAKE.

I’ve got some lovely stuff coming in tomorrow morning, if you need to place a last minute order. I offer standing orders, Blooms for a Year and Big Three Anniversary-Birthday-Valentine’s subscriptions, too, if you’re worried about forgetting that sort of a thing. 😉

hot colour hand tie

* That’s my little pope joke. Lame.
** FACT: May 24 was about nine months ago.
*** Also, I know at least 3 people with Ides of March birthdays, and I think it would be hilarious if they drank Caesars.

Happy weekend, all.

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Friday I’m in love


Oh, THAT weekend. I’m more of a ‘fall back’ than ‘spring ahead’ fan.  I will be feeling that precious, precious hour of lost sleep for days to come. Every year I swear I’ll wake up 15 min earlier each day during the week of daylight savings, so it won’t be such a shock to the system. LIES.


But… there’s a whole lotta sunshine out there! I can hear the drip-drip of things melting. Lots of positive numbers on the weather forecast for this weekend. Hope you all enjoy!




*The heart-shaped eucalyptus leaf up there? I found it while making up a Valentine’s day bouquet. There may have been some undignified screamy noises while taking the photo.



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Winter sparkle


Trio of vase arrangements- tall, medium, and tiny, for a surprise birthday party last weekend.

Extra points to my husband for:

a. taking photos well after dark

b. suave and stealthy delivery.  The birthday girl was ice skating at market square, right next door to surprise party HQ at the Tir Nan Og– and a station wagon full of balloons and flowers can be a little conspicuous.

A lovely night out was had by all.  Fireplace helps. Sparkly cider helps.  Big laughs and helium-voice serenades with great friends help. Best of all, the birthday girl didn’t suspect a thing. Total surprise!

M.O. for the evening was silver and white.   I busted out the kryolan and silvered up three different vases, then filled them with imported dusty miller and eucalyptus and  Ontario-grown ivy, snaps, gerbera daisy, and lisianthus.  I wasn’t planning on including lisianthus in these arrangements, but when I saw them on the flower truck, those little purple dots screamed ‘buy me!’

I love grouping a few monobotanic/monochromatic arrangements in different sizes.  Can’t wait to try this out on a larger scale for a wedding or banquet!    Unity without matchy-matchiness makes my heart sing.


PS. Happy birthday, Kelti!

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