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february blues

Or is that green with envy? Green with greedy? Or impatience?

I’ve got a bad case of the February.

Another snowfall in Kingston today.  Facebook full of people jetting off to Cuba and Brazil and Mexico.  I may have overdosed on florist blogs from across the pond and further south in the US, where they are using cuttings from their own gardens. I may have clicked on one too many perfect instagram photos of perfect hellebores and ranunculus at perfect flower markets in perfect, glamourous cities.

I’ve turned into a 33 year old toddler.  Everyone else’s toys should be MINE, and the toy I’ve had in my hands, been playing with happily, is suddenly not good enough.

I’ve been turning an extra-critical eye on every little flaw and unfinished job in my business and my garden and house this week.  Not the healthy,  kick-in-the pants, constructive criticism that clarifies the next step you need to take.  The other kind.  The ‘why bother, let’s just hide under the blankets,’ kind.

Rational me knows that I have to make some mistakes, roll with the startup punches, not go on so many tropical yacht vacations just now,  put some stuff on the backburner, find my own voice, make some more mistakes, be patient.

Toddler- me just wants it all to be mine. NOW. And while the wishing is good, could I please know everything without having to go through all of that pesky learning and experience. And could it just be June.  And could someone please fly me out to the Bahamas and Paris and turn me loose with some kind of triple-diamond-platinum magical Amex… Oh, I assure you, that totally happens in reality. All the time.

Maybe I’ll throw a little tantrum in the cereal aisle until someone buys me Cookie Crisp or a lollipop.

Maybe I’ll roll up my sleeves, bust out the apron and secateurs, and get back to work.

Anyone else got the blues?

Those blues up there? Muscari armeniucum, aka grape hyachinth. Love that colour. Love how they smell like spring.  Love knowing there are more of them out there in the garden, somewhere, under the snow.


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Love Hurts (aka Valentine’s Pricing)

Question: Jen, what is with your Valentine’s prices? Are you price-gouging?

Sassy Answer:    Look at my car, friend.


Actual Answer:

‘Tis the season.  As demand for flowers  peaks, the growers and wholesalers raise their price. For some flowers, especially roses and blooms in red/white/pink, my wholesale price is doubled beginning Feb. 5th.  

Much as I love you all, I have to increase my retail prices if I want to buy groceries.  

For my dashing, romantic customers who want to send classic Valentine’s Day roses, I will arrange those precious blooms with care and make you look good

If you don’t care for roses, I have stunning white calla lilies on the way, and bold red amaryllis blooms just starting to open.  Most of my customers choose a seasonal hand-tied bouquet or vase arrangement full of mixed colours.  Ontario freesia, tulips,and iris are gorgeous right now!

All flowers are Ontario-grown or imported from sustainable growers. Each bouquet and bunch is arranged with love, wrapped in biodegradable packaging, and delivered with a smile. 

Pricing and order info are over at

Happy Valentino, sweethearts! Thank you for letting me add some romance to your February!

Your florist and wingman,


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Matt and Kristy’s sunflower wedding: the ‘real’ photos

The weather outside is frightful, but I’ve been dreaming of late summer bonfires and starry skies. Here are some of Jonathan Robert’s photos of Matt and Kristy’s Labour Day weekend wedding at the Station Touristique Duchesnay.

From golf cart and zip lining adventures, to the bride riding to the ceremony on a bicycle, to fireworks during the couple’s kiss, and wild gypsy music, the entire sun-drenched weekend was full of personal touches, big laughs, and great memories.

sunflower wedding bouquet on shelf 21 copy

sunflower wedding bouquet on shelf 37 copy

sunflower wedding bridal bouquet 148 copy

sunflower wedding bridal party 192 copy

sunflowr wedding reception flower close up 617 copy

sunflower wedding groom freesia boutonniere copy

reception hall sunflower wedding 613 copy

Sunflower wedding bike 545 copy

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February 8, 2013 · 8:40 pm