Happy New Year!

new years blog 2013
Just arrived home from a lovely overnight trip to the in-laws for NYE. They live in the Parkdale neighbourhood of Toronto,and graciously made restaurant reservations and offered a place to sleep off the celebrations! (including tickle/jump on bed wake ups courtesy niece and nephew) We travelled there with another couple from Kingston, but returned as just the two of us- our friends caught a cab to Pearson International at 4:30 am for a flight to Thailand!
We ate waaay too much delicious food at the Waterfalls Indian tapas restaurant in Kensington Market, bar hopped from the Embassy to the Press Club (somewhere nearby… pitcher of sangria at dinner made directions hazy!) and rang in the new year with kisses, good friends, a few pints, and the sounds of a live band. Of course I took advantage of the free TTC after 10! What a great idea to make sure everyone gets home safely on the big night. Exchanged well-wishes with all kinds of strangers we passed in the street… and had an auspicious start to 2013 when I ran in to an old high school friend walking to the bus stop ! I have seen him a few times since high school, at mutual friends’ weddings and such, but still… one in 2.5 million odds! Feels like a great start to a new year.
The only downside was that we had to leave this afternoon and I had no time to stalk… er, research, some of the funky flower shops I passed in the night. Next time!
Luck and love to all in 2013.


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